Valentine FPJourne

François-Paul Journe offers elegance to women

Stopping time would be possible in an ideal world. FP Journe’s new ladies’ collection – Elégante – presents a unique watch which combines an innovating mechanism and an infinitely gracious design.

By Nev'eda Tegin

Chasing time, wasting time, no time at all… These are expressions that we keep repeating to ourselves daily. No offence to men, but we women have to organize our lives around a much busier agenda. In fact, gentlemen, our greatest talent is making you believe that our appearance is casual and spontaneous. However, our seemingly natural elegance conceals a carefully planned and timed preparation.

FP. Journe Elegante white
Valentine’s Day is here and I have already planned everything. I will get home from the office at 18:30, put the final touches to my attire and take a relaxing bubble bath before putting on my stilettos for what I anticipate will be an evening of magic.

But how can I make it to the restaurant fresh as a rose at 8:30 p.m. and still have time for myself? By that I mean time to choose pumps that match my clutch bag and apply a pretty touch of terracotta to my cheeks.

No second lost

One of the secrets of vitality is psychological bliss.  And to achieve this, one watchmaker is offering to stop time without losing a single second. A watch that would be our ally… It took François-Paul Journe eight years to conceive it and I, personally, was ecstatic when I discovered this technological gem. "Elégante" is the maison's very first ladies’ collection.  It features a newly patented and revolutionary horological concept, which allows for a perfect calculation of time and a special function that will make it woman's best friend, namely, starting and stopping time whenever it's needed. This electromechanical watch combines innovation, tradition and streamlined design.

FP Journe Elegante caseback
The complex mechanism of the latest F.P. Journe features a mechanical motion detector located on the dial just after 4 o’clock. It senses when the watch has stopped being worn, that is, is no longer moving about.

Thirty minutes later, the watch automatically stops in order to save energy. While you use this period to take care of other matters in your life, a microprocessor measures time with pin-point accuracy. When you put the watch back on, the mechanical movement automatically resumes its work, setting the time again without you needing to wind it up the watch.

FP Journe Elegante pink gold

With a great sense of precision, the mechanism uses the shortest path to the right time, clockwise or anti-clockwise, displaying on the way a majestic and playful dance of the hands. The new ladies’ ally is an energy-saving watch with 10 years of use when worn. In permanent standby mode, it could remain true to you for up to 18 years. In addition, the "Elégante" is also esthetically refined. It is available in seven colors: chocolate, white, pink, dark blue, sky blue, burgundy and khaki. These colors match a tonneau-shaped case in titanium or pink gold, which gives the timepiece a trendy and naturally comfortable look. Are you a woman of many facets? You will be seduced and by the dial, which becomes luminescent at nightfall. Beautiful Arabic numbers in a subtle space endow this beauty with ethereal lyricism.

FP Journe Elegante pink gold

Femininely sober, yet coquettish at the same time, this watch displays the most desired of qualities: elegance.

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